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the hospitality group


Staffing Service Specializes Exclusively in the Hospitality Industry


Originated in 1986, the hospitality group was established to provide San Francisco’s hotels and private clubs with flexible staffing. With success dependent on tourism and membership, revenues fluctuate with seasons, conventions, special events, and economic trends. Typically, an establishment enjoying high occupancy promotes discounts during for off-peak periods; therefore, it is advantageous for management to maintain flexible staffing options.

Aware of the industry’s occupancy cycles, the hospitality group was formulated to accommodate economic fluctuations. Combining the business trends of the hospitality industry with the marketability of a specialized service, The Hospitality Group was established to meet evolving staffing requirements. The service’s personnel are experienced in the hospitality industry, minimizing clients’ training time and costs … and assuring performance reflecting “hospitality mentality”!

Specifically, the hospitality group supplies administrative and management staffing for evolving requirements, particularly for Sales, Catering, Convention Services, Human Resources, Accounting, Executive Offices, Reservations, and Concierge departments. To increase revenues, additional Sales Managers and Catering Managers are contracted on a temporary basis.

To accommodate hotels and private clubs, the hospitality group provides experienced staffing for family leaves, illnesses, maternity leaves, vacations, open job requisitions, work overload, additions to staff, and special projects.