Serving the Hospitality Industry Since 1986

Staffing Exclusively for the Hospitality Industry




Flexible staffing to meet your needs for

Vacancies / Transitions

Competent coverage as you qualify and interview candidates ... meanwhile, sales and service continue and workflow remains consistent.

Special Projects

Experienced support for a Sales Blitz, Marketing Plan, or a Property Evaluation ... avoid interruptions for a unique project requiring expertise and a concentrated effort.

Peak Periods

Additional manager only during a department's busiest periods, justified by increased revenues ... Conventions services in the fall, Sales for a Sales Blitz, Catering / Banquets during the holidays.

Available Positions

Professional support during the critical initial stages ... servicing guests and establishing lasting impressions while building clientele.

Maternity Leaves

Knowledgeable replacements ... the advantage of planning ahead, assuring guests continued quality coverage during the absence of a key employee.

Work Stoppages

Reliable management support during a labor union strike.


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